How it works


Follow us! You may board at any City Sightseeing Norway stops in our destinations and as many times as you want for the duration of your ticket.

Duration and frequency

How long and how often are often asked. The frequency of the buses and the duration of the tour will vary between the different City Sightseeing Norway destinations. Please check on this website for more detailed information for your specific city on this website.

Multi lingual

Feel home while abroad. All City Sightseeing Norway tours have pre-recorded commentaries in 8 languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Russian. The media system uses GPS-signals to broadcast audio depending on the location of the vehicle. One pair of earphones is included in the ticket price, which means that you can choose to listen to the commentaries in your preferred language on board the bus. Feel home while abroad!

Validity, 24 hours of fun

In all of the City Sightseeing Norways destinations each ticket is valid for unlimited travel for 24 hours.
Please check your specific destination on this website for more detailed information.

Where to purchase tickets

Tickets for the City Sightseeing Norway tours can be bought:

– From our street Sales Staff wearing the City Sightseeing uniform
– On board the bus
– Partner hotels
– Partner restaurants
– On this website, see your specific destination for more details